Summative Post!

I use the phrase ‘kind of’ a disgusting amount.


Some Lovely Questions, Some Lovely Answers

A questionnaire I sent around the class. Thanks very much to those who replied, I am indebted to you.

This questionnaire looks mainly at digital media.

1. Name your favourite website and reasons why it is so.

2. (Without looking it up!) In what year was the first text message sent?

3. Name something you would swap your phone for?

4. If I removed your phone, laptop and tv for 24 hours, what would you do with your technology free day?

5. Why do you own your smartphone?

6. Recount an instance of when your smartphone came in handy.

7. Do you think smartphones are necessary for everyday life?

8. Does it matter either way? (shut up Sally, we like them, we have them, I’m bored of answering questions about smartphones.)

9. Name an important instance of how digital media has effected the subject you study.

10. Explain an instance of how digital media plays an important role in something you feel passionately about.

11. Name an instance of how an interaction with digital media has changed how you’ve thought about something.

12. Compare how much you use digital media as a source of entertainment, to how much you actively respond to it? (i.e through commenting, conversation, campaigning etc)

13. If you have a website/ video channel/ blog, feel free to plug it here!

1. Tumblr. A lot of art and fashion is showcased in here. a lot of images that are in books that i want to buy, i have already seen on tumblr.

2. 1994?

3. a hot boy. just joking a holiday

4. eat, read, and go shopping

5. to go on tumblr when ever i want, its convenient because i have the internet and my music is on there.

6. booking cheap train tickets quickly before the price went up, checking tfl

7. yes very neccesarry

8. yes shut up sally, you have to carry your laptop to access emails =/ just get an iphone. 

9. i am able to see what else is out there in terms of inspiration, and how far i can push my ideas.

10. Music, i can find new bands online

11. not sure….

12. i take take take


1. umm i don’t have a fav website but the one I visit most often is facebook because it helps to keep me connected with friends, it’s a tool that keeps class/homework assignments organized and it’s good for communicating faster than email when in group projects.

2. 1999..?

3. 1 million dollars

4. I would spend it outside, reading, viewing art, taking pictures..

5. I own a smart phone because it makes “multitasking” easier and it helps me to be more organized by using reminders and ical alerts. I also like that I can look up a question I have on google any time if I don’t have my computer

6. I got lost in Rome and used the maps app to get where I needed to

7. To be more organized yes, for survival no

8. I feel like people are adapting to new technology and having a smart phone is a given now. But it does feel like we have an unnecessary attachment to being connected all of the time. So there are tradeoffs with each case- not having one and having one

9. Digital portfolio

11. One of my professors told us about an app that’s called the explorer for the Natural History museum. It changed the way I thought of going to museums because this app tells you where you are in the museum, where the bathrooms are, how to find an exhibit, where museum tours are located etc. It is a virtual map in your hands and I thought it was awesome

12. Entertainment/Respond: 70/30

1. ubuweb as it shows media that is hard to find

2. 2001

3. If another bit of tech kit then 4G iPad (I think you need to give limits to questions like this.)

4. Read even more

5. Connect to the Internet

6. Answering emails on the bus into work.

7. Possibly today…

8. Yes

9. I am in contact with many more people for my research than ever before

10. Political activism

11. Using twitter for research

12. 50/50


1. not entirely sure.

2. 2001

3. gold.

4. enjoy some peace, go outside..walk… catch up on things that those 3 items distract me from doing!

5.Now i dont have one i realise why i had one and what i miss from it: camera, whats app, texts, call, the dreaded Facebook, instagram, maps. Unfortunately Sally i am one of those loser dependant ones, I have got too used to its benefits in my life. However I have enjoyed a very peaceful christmas without it, But I am now starting to feel a bit isolated from the world! I shall be getting on with my insurance claim when I am back in London me somewhere in London

7. I think once you start using them, you do become a little dependant they are a powerful little device that gives you a connection to many things- Facebook-internet-twitter-camera-tube maps-maps-call-text- and many many many more. Of course you can live with out them, they aren’t a necessity like food is or a roof over your head is. However they have now become a vital component in connecting and communicating with various aspects in life. I can speak from personal experience as I have had one for 2+ years now and i lost mine before christmas, and il admit the biggest things i have missed have been maps and camera, this is because these two things are useful. Maps is as it saves huge amounts of times and means you can try somewhere knew without worrying how you will find the place it also estimates your journey time, all useful factors. As for the camera it is pretty good quality and it built in so you only have to worry about one thing and not 3. So when i leave the house i don’t need to carry a map, a phone and my hefty camera instead a little black rectangular piece of beauty. (sorry Sally the more i think about this and warble on the more i realise how much i love my iphone and need it back in my life! Johnny Boy Ive Forever and Ever!!!) They are great, also like it or not we are a generation that need to embrace and make the most of blogs, twitter… as it is the way forward we mustn’t be left behind we are at an advantage. Employers will expect us to use these communication sites and have a web presence, after all we are communication students? agh fml i think i should get on with some work!


9.every day, it is a permanent tool for procrastination when trying to do work.

10.Ok so what is digital media again?

11.I love to see peoples responses to these questions? They are good questions Sally! If you wouldn’t mind sharing a few it would be much appreciated, just interesting to read and get back in to it all again!

12. I use it mostly for entertainment I have to admit. The other needs to be boosted for sure..

13. Il let you have it when I have something interesting!

1.It’s a Chinese one and it’s mainly about people sharing reviews/crits of movies, music, books and your own personal profile(photos, blogs, status etc.), you can follow the people you like and it’s all anonymous.

2.1998 I guess?


4.Go to the nearest park with/without my ipod to watch people having fun.

5.Everyone else started to use smartphone with different APPs and being in the same Whatsapp group is easier for us to talk so I got one as well.

6.Start to feel boring about class then played games on my phone many times everyday.


8.No. &No I’m not bored haha.

9.We spent loads of time doing whatever Adobe Company provided=.=

10.I like sharing interesting stuff with my friends and digital platform can help to achieve that even if some of my friends are far away from me.

1 google – amazing, youll find anything you need.

2 no idea to be honest.

3 a trip for two anywhere id like (would keep sim card tho)

4 read,draw, go out for a walk

5 its simply to keep yourself up to date via email and different ways to keep in contact with friends from abroad(skype, whatsapp, viber etc) am from finland so it would be a whole lot more expensive to chat to friends otherwise

6 when im lost – the map app is fantastic(lost all the time)

7 probably not but they make it a lot more interesting

8 nah not really, people would have them even if there would be proof of them not being to any use

9 well for example all the programs we use nowadays for our courses..indesign, auto cad, photoshop etc sure they’ve all done our courses a lot more’international‘….with these programs the ‘language’ we all speak is the same.
an interior designer in helsinki would understand exacty what a designer in Japan is getting at just by sending the JPEG files. ( does that make any sense? )

10 i feel very passionately about design, interior and photography and what is all that if not digital media? based on alll my blabbering above?

11 if someone debates about something on for example facebook or twitter or something, it might give you the ‘aha!’ experience. or quite the opposite.

12 id say about 50/50. can honestly say i keep some people on facebook just because theyre stupid statuses cracks me up. but on another note its easy to stay in touch with people

Inventions Galore

With the help of Readers Digest encyclopaedias and the children’s science section of Whitton Library (excellent resources) I have been looking into the history of communication and technological inventions. It has been marvellous to discover so many things I didn’t know about how communication has changed, and has made me feel like embracing the WONDER OF TECHNOLOGY a lot more. …perhaps no need for the capitals. You decide.

I also remembered this exhibition I went to last year. Annoyingly I recall no fun facts to recount here. But here’s the address nonetheless. (rhyme)

Room 101

Some conversation from this weeks episode of Room 101. Something to get the brain chugging. Alarmingly enough I found myself agreeing with Mr. Skinner, how I’ve changed!


‘It’s a very physical thing, a real book’ … ‘electronic books are just another gadget’

‘Easy electronic read will lead to the disappearance of books.’


‘Where are our artists, screen writers, authors going to come from?’

‘A journey now is “let’s check my emails” there’s no dreaming, looking out the window…What’s happening to peoples’ imaginations?’

‘If the Nazis had had kindles, they wouldn’t have been so scary if they were out in the street deleting books..’

‘I disagree with the creative thing, If I have an idea I make a note of it on my smartphone, I read books on my smartphone, I’ve got the complete works of Shakespeare and the King James Bible. Because I love books I love the idea of being able to carry a hundred books with me all the time it’s the words that count, it’s receiving wisdom from these great writers.’

Kindle Thinkin’

I’ve never really been a fan of the Kindle, but as part of the ‘I will not be such a conventional old woman’ outlook, I have done a bit of research into what Waterstones have to say about them. I love to skip along to Waterstones of an eve, and this article seems quite genuine when it talks of a balance between book and e-book. What particularly interests me is the part mentioning the convenience of digital. Rather than coming across as dominant (as I think much tech equipment does due to furious advertising) the article seems to celebrates the combination of old and new, and argues a place for both in modern day.

One Pound Fish

A duo of videos that I was shown by a friend (contributing my part to the 13 million views) . This totally demonstrates the power of online communities and I think flags up something unique about youtube or online sharing. The video takes an interest in everyday things and everyday people, how often is that the case when you’re out and about? How often do you share an observation about someone you saw on the tube or bus with such numbers? The internet seems to have much more enthusiasm and ceremony for everyday life. It becomes like a piece of theatre, bringing the smallest everyday things to attention and drawing out meaning that you share with an online audience.

Although coming across as purely entertainment value, as I’m sure it is for many people, for me it becomes one more thing to add to the pile for creative inspiration!



Official ‘One Pound Fish’ for number 1, Facebook page is here

Singe and video out NEXT WEEK!! I want you all to buy it and make this lovely guy famous!! Let’s show Gary Barlow and the X-Factor machine that they made a BIG mistake letting Shahid go… Christmas NUMBER ONE! Get everyone you know to watch this and buy it!! Come on ladies… One Pound Fish

This bloke is a legend. One Pound Fish, market stall trader. He certainly entertains the good folk of East London with his unique song. Captured on a match day, West Ham v Reading 31st March 2012. Come and have look, one pound fish!

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, now known as £1 Fish Man,moved to London’s East End having left his native Pakistanand his wife and four children to discover a better life for them all. Working on a market stall selling fish, Nazir needed a trader’s call to grab passing trade. His song became the stuff of legend and a viral sensation: “Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish.”

After a video of him was uploaded to YouTube, Nazir saw himself accelerated into the spotlight: he auditioned on the X-Factor, saw his ‘£1 Fish Song’ covered separately bysuperstar producer Timbaland and singer Alesha Dixon and was profiled by the Evening Standard who declared: “Watch out Psy, you’ve got a rival” and The Sun who stated: “It might just be the Christmas No. 1.”

Ink Dat.

In remembering this beauty from when it was doing the rounds a while ago, I was sad to read the updated text that it was in fact not a real, permanent, forever and ever amen tattoo. However, the video obviously did it’s communicative job by sticking in my head for over a year, and the impact of such a bold action certainly got people talking – my favourite response here being simply ‘what a moron.’

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 20.02.44

In researching this a bit further I’ve found some more rather strange and wonderful tales of social media tattoos.

‘Five people have already volunteered to do exactly that. The Social Tattoo Project is sponsoring unique tattoos based around major world issues too quickly forgotten.’

‘A heated exchange on Facebook between a student who claimed to have had the face of her boyfriend of one week tattooed on her bicep has gone viral.

An image of the inking, apparently a Valentine’s Day ‘gift’ was posted on Austin Knill’s wall, by one Sara Hartley, with the message: “Hey baby, I wanted to show you in person, but I’m gonna be in Calgary a little longer than I expected ☹ But anyways, Surprise!!! Thanks again so much for paying for it, the spa was the best valentine’s gift a girl could ask for.”’